The probe of choice for separating electrical contacts, this 5/16 in. dia. x 5 1/2 in. long (7.9mm dia. x 140mm L) dielectric stick is made of 15% glass filled nylon and has a conical point on one end and a screw blade on the other. Melting Point: 505ºF (263ºC)

P/N 70521   Spudger   Weight: 1 oz. (.28kgs)


Plastic Spudger
Consists of a 5/16 in. x 6 5/8 in. long (7.9mm dia. x 168mm L) yellow glass-filled nylon rod tapered at each end. Extending from one end is a bent xylan insulated wire which serves as a hook during wiring operations. Approved for C.O. use

P/N 70103   Plastic Spudger   Weight: 1 oz. (28kgs)