Perfect for paying out or re-reeling coils of jumper wire, distributing frame wire or our Modular Cordage – any small coil with a 6 1/2 in. (165mm) nominal i.d.

Consists of two reel flanges mounted to a supporting arm and handle all cast from heat-treated aluminum alloy that is attached to a laminated oak base

The outer flange is readily removable by backing off a large wing nut. This also allows for the flange position to compensate for varying width coils from 3 3/8 in. to 4 7/8. (86-124mm)

Three flat springs on the reel hub grip the coil inside diameter which should measure 6 1/2 in. nominal x 14 in. maximum outside diameter (165 x 355mm)

Available in two brake configurations to prevent excessive wire over-run

The back of the support arm has tapped holes for bolt-on mounting to a vehicle or c.o. frame member

Overall dimensions: 21 in. high x 16 in. wide x 9 in. deep (533 x 406 x 229mm)

The L1 style P/N 80470 has an adjustable drag brake that applies a fixed amount of friction on the flange. To compensate for wear the resistance applied is adjustable using a 7/16 in. socket and a flat blade screwdriver.

The L2 style P/N 80471 is equipped instead with an automatic disc brake that allows the reel to rotate freely when it senses tension as the wire is pulled off the reel and is automatically applied to stop reel rotation when the wire is relaxed. This brake assembly is also available as a retro-fit kit (L101 P/N/ 80472) to convert L1 reels into L2 style.


Ordering Information

Terminal Wire Reel L118 lbs. (8.16kg)
80471Terminal Reel L2 w/Brake19 lbs. (8.62kg)
80472L101 Disc Brake Retro-fit Kit contains all components needed to substitute the
L101 disc brake assembly in place of the drag brake including instructions
1 lb. (.45kg)
05431Disc Brake Shoe.1 lb. (45g)
25792Drag Brake Repair Kit Consists of replacement brake
shoe and spare hardware used in assembly
.5 lb. (.23kg)

Terminal Wire Reel