GMP 2018 Domestic Trade Show Schedule

Visit the GMP exhibit at these upcoming shows to inspect the latest Aerial Cable Construction Equipment and Tools, Copper and Fiber Cable Placing Equipment, Manhole and Duct Tools, Installer’s Hand Tools, Warning Signs, Tents and Tarps, Winches, Motor Vehicle Accessories, Specialty Hardware, Related Supplies and Accessories, and more.

On display will be a wide selection of products for the telecommunications, power utility and cable television industries, and for the contractors who serve them. We hope to see you there.

2018 Domestic Trade Shows we’ll be attending (partial listing)
EVENT NAME                             DATES                              LOCATION

PCCA Conference                            March 2-7                            Kauai, HI

ITA Showcase Northwest              March 7-8                            Portland, OR

Minnesota Telecom Alliance        March 26-28                       Minneapolis, MN

TX Communications Expo           April 3-5                               Belton, TX

TANE Showcase                             April 3-5                               South Portland, ME

Comm Tech East                            April 16-18                           Toronto, ON