Model D Umbrella



Whether working in a bucket, or on the ground, GMP umbrellas provide shelter from the sun. GMP offers a choice of rugged umbrellas, and a complete line of accessories for maximum mounting and angle adjustment flexibility. Choose between our Model D Umbrella (P/N 80920) for standard use, or our Dielectric Umbrella (P/N 70352) which is rated to 40kV per ASTM D-149 to help reduce the potential of electrical shock when working near power conductors.
  • A tough plastic 68 in. (173cm) diameter umbrella cover is colored safety yellow on top (custom company logos available upon request)
  • A reflective white underside cuts down on the interior heat absorption and is vinyl-coated; nylon rib-end pockets keep the frame from tearing the cover
  • Self-sealing waterproofed, waxed stitching, and improved construction using a nylon sleeve and rib retainers for attaching the frame’s six (6) collapsible fiberglass ribs
  • The ribs connect at a ring-type lock that slides along the pole to open and close the umbrella. To lock the ring when open, just slide it over the set pin in the pole and rotate it.
  • The 43 in. (109cm) long wooden upper pole has a male ferrule so you can attach the 29 in. (74cm) long wooden lower pole for a full height of 6 ft. (1.83M)
  • Use the Dielectric Umbrella when working near power conductors to help reduce potential sources of electrical shock (see O.S.H.A. statement below)
    P/N 71572 Angle Adapter
    P/N 71572 Angle Adapter
    P/N 71647 Angle Adapter & 1 PC Pole Ext. combination
    P/N 71647 Angle Adapter & 1 PC Pole Ext. combination
    P/N 28210 Bucket Holder
    P/N 28210 Bucket Holder
    P/N 71649 Tripod Kit with P/N 70098 Model D Umbrella

    P/N 71649 Tripod Kit includes this sturdy carrying bag


  • Our optional Lower Pole Assembly with Spiked End (P/N 80924) is used to support the D Umbrella by burying right into the ground
  • For protection when working at ground level, we offer a sturdy Tripod Umbrella Kit (P/N 71649). It features weighted legs for stability, a telescoping stand and a durable storage bag.
  • Our Umbrella Angle Adapter (P/N 71572), used between the umbrella’s upper and lower pole, provides five (5) tilt-angle adjustment settings for increased protection no matter where the sun is located. This adapter is also offered with a One-Piece, 24” (61cm) Pole Extension (P/N 71647) for use with the Bucket Holder.
  • For weather protection while working aloft, we offer a convenient Bucket Holder (P/N 28210) for securely mounting the upper pole, angle adapter and on-piece extension to any flat bucket surface.NOTE: The Angle Adapter with One Piece Pole Extension (P/N 71647) must be used when mounting an umbrella in the Bucket Holder. The lower pole of the umbrella can’t be used with the Bucket Holder. Mounting hardware for the Bucket Holder is not included.


Ordering Information

28210Holder Bucket for Umbrella Accommodates 1 PC Pole Ext P/N 71647 (mounting hardware not included)1.75 lbs. (.79kg)
71572Adapter, Angle Umbrella1.75 lbs. (.79kg)
71647Adapter, Angle with 1 PC Pole Ext 2.5 lbs. (1.13kg)
71649Kit Tripod w/Bag37 lbs. (16.7kg)
70098Umbrella D w/o Lower Pole Assembly6.75 lbs. (3.06kg)
80920Umbrella D with 72 in. Wooden Pole9 lbs. (4.1kg)
70352Umbrella Dielectric with 72 in. Fiberglass Pole Rated to 40 kV per ASTM D-1497.5 lbs. (3.4kg)
80921Case, Umbrella1 lb. (.453kg)

electrical hazard symbolDANGER
The D Umbrella can conduct electricity. Look out for power wires in your work space and keep this product well away from potential sources of electric shock. These accessories are not recommended for use with the Dielectric umbrella (P/N 70352).

O.S.H.A. Safety-related Work Practices 1910.335 Safeguards for personnel protection
(2) General protective equipment and tools. (i) When working near exposed energized conductors or circuit parts, each employee shall use insulated tools or handling equipment if the tools or handling equipment might make contact with such conductors or parts. If the insulating capability of insulated tools or handling equipment is subject to damage, the insulating material shall be protected.