The ZIDS (Zip Inner Duct Slitter) Tool inner duct slitter is the fastest, safest, and handiest device for inner duct splitting currently on the market. Our inner duct splitter can cut through pipe walls within seconds and with little effort.  Our inner duct splitter is available nationwide via our distributors.

Order P/N 70464


• Saves $$$ and time
• 5/16” diameter cutting diameter
• Cuts duct up to ½” wall thickness
• Cuts in any direction with ease
• Up to 25,000 RPM
• Patent pending design that prevents damage to the fiber during operation



• Cuts 5/16” channel through duct allowing easier spreading
of duct to remove cable
• Time Saver: More than 5X faster compared to
traditional duct cutting methods
• 20’ duct can be easily cut within 1minute.

Recommended Accessories:

• Router; Corded or Cordless

ZIDS Duct Cutting Tool