The CR Collapsible Power Reel is used for rapidly stringing or taking up wire or small diameter cable. Ideal for placing or removing aerial cable, taking down wire, or pulling winch line into conduits.
  • Can be used for pulling in poly rope or tape, where the reel will only be used as a pulling capstan and not as a storage deviceMaximum of 3 wraps
    Excessive wraps of poly rope or tape will cause the reel to fail, voiding the warranty.
  • The reel mounts on the end of any 2 7/16 in. (62mm) winch drum extension shaft, bayonet or pin type mount unit
  • Has a capacity of 1,600 ft. of 1/4 in. (490m of 6mm) wire rope with a maximum allowable pull of 3500 lbs. Bare Drum (1600kgs) Can also store a 200 pound coil of wire.
  • A half turn of the locking member collapses all six movable segments, allowing you to quickly mount or remove coils
  • Consists of a spindle with a fixed spider and sliding spider to which are attached six rim segments. Is made of heat treated aluminum, with a durable yellow finish.
  • Reel O.D.: 28 in. (expanded), 18 3/4 in. (collapsed). ID: 20 in.Contact GMP for information on repairs and refurbishment.

P/N 08136   CR Collapsible Power Reel   Weight: 70 lbs. (32kg)

8136 measurments

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Collapsible Power Reel