New expanded capacity to include large (1.34″/34mm), high density or high fiber count (1728/3456) cables.

Tornado Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine
Tornado Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine
The Tornado Cable Blowing Machine is designed to be safe, fast and effective, even on tough terrain, the Tornado cable blowing machine will move fiber optic cable of 0.23 to 1.34 in. (5.84-34mm) diameter at speeds to 300 ft./min. (90 m/min.) into pre-installed innerduct or direct-buried duct.

It can accommodate innerduct from .47 to 2.48 in. (12-63mm). A conversion kit allows the Tornado to place 12.7/10mm, 12/10mm or 10/8mm micro duct into the inner duct.

  • Comprised of an aluminum air box and cable pusher, the Tornado uses compressed air to install the cable with or without a missile. In operation, the hydraulically powered, caterpillar belt drive system controls the fiber optic cable as it is propelled by compressed air into the duct. An electronic monitoring system provides read-outs of speed and distance, protects cable against duct obstructions, and includes an emergency stop facility.
  • The air box and cable pusher are mounted on a lightweight, tubular-steel frame that can be tilted at a 30-degree angle to the manhole, which minimizes significantly any bending of the innerduct and cable. The frame has height adjustment to permit ease of maneuverability, and adjustable rear legs that provide added stability on uneven terrain.
  • Can also be used without the frame, directly from its skid
  • The Junction Box Adapter is a necessary accessory for overriding existing cable in an occupied duct (space permitting). One branch attaches to the Tornado for placing the new cable or micro ducts, while the other branch seals off and holds the existing cable in the duct
  • 4 gpm @ 1500 psi Integrated oil cooler for extended operation in high environmental temperatures. Unique suction circuit eliminates pulsation damage Swing open frame provides excellent maintenance access to engine and hydraulics
  • Included with the Tornado is a convenient toolbox with all the tools needed for use and maintenance of your blower
  • All relevant parts and components of the cable blowing machine and the hydraulic power pack are specially treated to resist corrosion


single length cable blowing
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midpoint length cable blowing
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Recommended Compressor: This reliable and efficient rotary screw compressor (see photo left), powered by a diesel engine, provides a maximum working pressure of 175 psi. The air output is filtered and conditioned to optimize the performance of our Tornado Fiber Blower. The maximum free air delivery is 370 cubic feet/minute. The unit is mounted on a two wheeled trailer with brakes and an adjustable towbar. Compressor Aftercooler also available.


Suggested Air Compressor Specifications
0 - 1 in. (0 - 25.4 mm)150 (4 m3/min.)175 (12 bar)
1.02 - 1.18 in. (25.9 - 29.9 mm)185 (5 m3/min.)175 (12 bar)
1.22 - 1.38 in. (30.9 - 35 mm)250 (7 m3/min.)175 (12 bar)
1.48 - 1.57 in. (37.5 - 39.8 mm)375 (10 m3/min.)175 (12 bar)
1.61 - 1.73 in. (40.8 - 43.9 mm)450 (13 m3/min.)175 (12 bar)
1.75 - 1.96 in. (44 - 50 mm) 700 (20 m3/min) 175 (12 bar)

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
P/NDescriptionWeighttornado configuration guide

89000Tornado Cable Blowing Machine with power pack* 356 lbs. (162 kgs)
89003Tornado Cable Blowing Machine without power pack*202 lbs. (92 kgs)
89099TORNADO PLUS with power pack*
445 lbs. (201 kgs)
89054TORNADO PLUS without power pack*
89113TORNADO MAX with power pack*
89114TORNADO MAX without power pack*
* Please see tornado configuration guide for details


P/N 34387 4 Lug Chicago Fitting available for compressor
P/N 70554 Optional Inlet Hose 50′ X 1 1/4 in.
P/N 89422 Accessory Air Hose Complete with blow gun and Chicago fitting for direct connection to compressor.
1 1/2 inch NPTF Camlock Coupling - Female for compresser
P/N 30297 - 1 1/2 inch NPTF Camlock Coupling - Female for compresser
50 ft (15m) Layflat air hose with camlock connectors
P/N 27913 - 50 ft (15m) Layflat air hose with camlock connectors
89750 Layflat hose kit
89750 Layflat hose kit
1 1/4 inch Camlock Coupling - Male for Tornado Blowing Machine
P/N27920 - Tornado conversion kit for layflat hose
P/N 34471 Heavy duty steel hub pneumatic wheels available
4 claw to 2 claw adapter
89341 4 claw to 2 claw adapter
Cable Overblowing Junction
Cable Overblowing Junction
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250CFM Compressor Aftercooler
P/N 89060 250CFM Compressor Aftercooler
Product Page

P/N 89065 400 CFM Compressor Air Cooler
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